Hello Wonder

Hello Wonder carries a message of connecting people and bringing meaningful value to the society. The event was led by a story called “The Adventure of Kitten” following by the African music from Zamina. Everyone had great time dancing, singing and engaging in the joyful atmosphere. There is no better way to experience such a memorable charity event. Hello Wonder culminated successfully with the cultural exchanges between the band and the “little” audiences.

Zamina 8th Birthday

Zamina is turning 8!

Zamina’s 8th Birthday Party is definitely the most wonderful experience for music lover and local talent. An extraordinary event held on Saturday 8th September 2018 at Hanoi Rock City to remind how far Zamina has come and achieved. 8 years on, despite the lineup changes inevitable in a place like Hanoi and the changes in the music scene, Zamina is going stronger than ever, and is still the Hanoi act most guaranteed to get people dancing from the first note to the last.

Quest Music Festival

Quest Festival is Vietnam’s premier arts, music and nature festival, set in the scenic mountain landscape of Son Tinh Camp, just a short ride from Hanoi.. Think glittering body paint, crochet bikinis and pastel rainbows. This small arts and culture festival in the rural outskirts of Hanoi truly embraces the laid-back hippie vibes that most larger festivals simply cannot achieve.  Based in So Tinh Camp, on the fringes of Vietnam’s National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism and surrounded by stunning lakes, the camp avoids being part of the major tourist scene around Dong Mo while still having access to stunning historical and cultural sites. Read more on their website. www.questfestival.net

Africa day 2017

The annual Africa day was marked on Thursday, 25th of May 2017. The event was organized by the nine African embassies represented in Hanoi, Vietnam. To mark the African day celebration, an event was held to display the beauty of the African continent. Activities held at the event include: dance, fashion parade and several African dishes were on display.

Hanoi music fest

This year’s edition of Hanoi music festival was an African themed music festival and it took place in Hanoi the heart of Vietnam, a country in South-east Asia. This year, Zamina was a huge success as it recorded huge turn out from people from all over the world residing in Hanoi. It brought entertainment to the city of Vietnam in the African way, and the beauty of the event is sure to attract more individuals at the next gathering.